Presentations to choose from:

Getting more done: 
Five rules of personal productivity for the information age.

The success of an organisation is directly proportionate to the performance of its people; but nothing kills performance in the knowledge economy like information overload.  This session helps maximise the day-to-day performace of individuals using existing workflow tools, helping them stay afloat in the sea of information.

Engaging your workforce:
Inspiring, informing and liberating your staff through technology:

In these tough economic times its more important than ever to get everything you can out of everyone you've got.  This session focuses on maximising staff engagement through technology.

Documents to download covering the sessions in more detail:

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1. Collaborate to Innovate.pdf350.38 KB
2. Connecting Teams.pdf423.6 KB
3. Getting more done.pdf410.12 KB
4. Engaging your Workforce.pdf367.58 KB
5. Engaging clients.pdf474.46 KB